Hilltop Bistro was opened by Ryan Zuvich and his family in the winter of 2012

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Hilltop Bistro’s story starts around 30 years ago.
It starts with a warm kitchen in an old house with an old lady making fritule. The smell of the freshly fried dough being dusted with sugar mixed with the sound of family talking and laughing, clinking glasses and pouring wine. While the abundance of food that would be our feast was being stirred and fried, stewed and roasted, Nana would make the fritule and say we weren’t allowed to have any until after dinner. That never lasted.

It was these memories of comfort and family that made food and wine a natural progression for Chef Ryan Zuvich. Memories that would see him travel around the world experiencing and learning all that he could from some of the best and most recognized chefs and restaurateurs. Hand made, home-grown, nose to tail eating. Words that are now used the world over to convey the latest trends, were just how it always was for Ryan’s family and how we think it should always be.

So when Hilltop Bistro opened its doors in the summer of 2012, we took these lessons and set out to create a truly unforgettable experience. One we hope will leave you wanting to come back time and time again to create your own culinary memories

From the team at Hilltop Bistro,

Thank you for your support